A New Website, A New Book, and a Couple of New Mini Goats!

Well hello! I know it has been way too long since I've written a blog post, but hopefully, most of you have been keeping up with us on my personal Instagram as well as the Giannetti Home Instagram account. Oh, and Steve has started posting on his own Steve Giannetti Instagram account too :)

During the past year, Steve and I have been keeping ourselves busy with design projects, and writing our newest book, Patina Living, which will be published in this April 2019

Image Victoria Pearson 

Patina Living is about all of the living things on the farm that gives our life meaning. We wrote this book for all of you who have expressed a desire to add a little more nature into your lives, whether you are interested in introducing a few chickens into your flock, designing your own potager and growing food for your family, or creating your own version of Patina Farm. 

Image Victoria Pearson 

Who wouldn't want to wake up to this adorable face every morning? This is our little Sam.

He and his girlfriend, Ida, are the newest additions to our Patina Farm family. If you are wondering about their names, they are named after my grandparents :)

Incorporating the gardens and our animals into our days have added enormously to the quality of our life. It's our hope that sharing our experience with you, including what we have learned in the last 5 years (can you believe it's been 5 years?) living on Patina Farm, will help you as you navigate through this lifestyle.

Image Victoria Pearson 

Including animals in our daily life sometimes means chasing ducklings down the hallway!

Although Patina Living won't be published until April, you can pre-order your copy now on Amazon. We are also planning a celebration here at Patina Farm on May 11th. I'll share more about that event as the date gets closer. 

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, we have been busy working on exciting design projects this past year. I plan to share them with you in more detail here on Velvet and Linen. Several of our projects have been published in magazines. The articles can be viewed on our Giannetti press page on our new Giannetti Home website

Image Lisa Romerein

We were so excited to have our clients' Malibu home featured in Luxe Magazine' September/October 2018 issue. You can see more images of our clients' home on the Malibu project link on our Interiors page. 

Image Lisa Romerein

We were also thrilled to have our clients' Connecticut home featured in the July/August issue of Veranda Magazine. You can see more images of this beautiful home on the Connecticut project link on our website. 

We hope you enjoy spending time looking at our new website. We are still making tweaks to the design, but I think it's much easier to navigate. We are adding more images of our  Architecture and Interiors projects.  

You can also browse all of our Giannetti Home Furnishings and Antiques...

As well as the wonderful Giannetti Clothing that Charlie has designed for our store. 

Our Lace up Linen Tunic is one of my favorite pieces. The lace up the back makes it easy to fit, and the natural frayed edges give it that "patina style". 

Now that I have finished writing Patina Living I am looking forward to writing and connecting with you here. Of course, I will still be posting images on my Instagram account as well (there is nothing better than a baby goat video!). 

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season!









  • Lots of small businesses will be carrying your new book too—like mine at La Dolce Vit! Don’t forget the small businesses! I am so glad there will be a third!

    laura T. Wilson
  • Such a wonderful surprise to check my email and see 2 new blog post from you!!! Now time to see if I can afford a flight to come meet you and see Patina Farm in May! I can’t wait for the new book!

    Asia Evans
  • Your blog is back!!!! I’ve been keeping up with you on Instagram and I’m very excited your blog is back so I can get my inspiration for the day with the gorgeous soothing pictures you post here. One of the many reasons I love your site is the calmness it brings to my life. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life

    Kathy Forcum
  • I am always charmed by all of your entries and ideas on Instagram, books and now this lovely new site. You are so generous to share your gentle life with all of us. Happy Holidays to you and Patina Farm.

  • It’s beautiful, Brooke! Looking forward to posts from you again. Excited for April & May!!

  • Je n’ai vu que des merveilles ! Et vos petites chèvres sont tellement mignonnes… Merci Brooke.

  • Lovely client projects and adorable baby goats :) looking forward to the new book! Wishing you a joyous holiday season.

    Susan Sands
  • Beautiful website! I do agree with the first comment that the font is small and light, makes it harder to read. We are planning to attend the May 11 event! We are still in serene mode after visiting Patina Farm in November. :)

    Donna Kohler
  • Thanks for the link to the new site. You folks have been busy! I find the font rather hard to read because of the small size and the light color – aging eyes are no fun! I don’t know if this is a problem for others but thought it wouldn’t hurt to let you know. I always look forward to your blog and Instagram posts. Thanks for sharing.

    Barbara H.
  • How totally beautiful – and I am in serious love with Sam! I am happy to see you again, it HAS been too long. I do not use Instagram and therefore am missing out on seeing your beautiful work.
    Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season.

    Pippa Dodd Ryan
  • So nice to hear from you Brooke and see the new website! Your projects look beautiful. Enjoy the holidays!

    Laura Casey
  • Brooke, it’s so good to see you again! I have worried about you all since the fires. I am glad to see you are up and running on a new site and how your business has continued to flourish! Happy holidays!

  • Missed you all, so glad you’re back.

    glenda lafont
  • I am very pleased to see you here! Your new website looks gorgeous! Congratulations! And I do love that picture of you!. :) xoxo Greet

  • So very pleased to see you here my friend! Congratulations! Your new website looks gorgeous!! And I so love that picture of you! :) xoxo Greet

  • Love the new website! I have already pre-ordered your book and look forward to receiving it. My Patina books will be a triology :) Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season. (And I love your naming your newest family members after family, so sweet)

  • Nice to see what we’ve been doing.

    Steve Giannetti

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