Thank you to all of you who have already sent in your rsvp to our event!

Little Sammy would like everyone to know that due to overwhelming demand we are now celebrating on two days, May 10th and May 11th.

Click HERE To RSVP to the May 10th Event. 

 Click HERE To RSVP to the May 11th Event.

Our entire family is looking forward to your visit! 





  • Now that’s a motley crew! They are too sweet, mischievous looking but oh so darn cute. Happy grazing little ones and happy nesting to all.

  • I am a huge fan of everything you do! Wish I could make the trip from the East Coast as I would love to meet you and your family!
    Congratulations on your new book! I love it!!!
    Melissa Yanda

  • Hi, my husband and I are planning on attending the May 11 event at Patina Farm. I am pretty sure I RSVP’d to the event, but haven’t received anymore info, received a ticket or heard from anyone.
    Do we need an actual “ticket” or is our name and email enough to attend the event. We live in Orange County and plan to drive up for the event.
    Thank you, PMS

    Pam Spines
  • wishing you lots of success and sales with your new book! Sorry we can’t make the trip across the big, wide ocean but we still enjoy following your updates! All the best for the future!

  • I would love to come visit your sweet farm. I have followed through your posts and bought both previous books. I am hoping to order a signed copy as soon as you release it!

    Barb Service
  • Would love to come but unfortunately, I cannot. I’m sure you will be overwhelmed with guests & I hope they know how lucky they are. I’ll just have to make good with your blog posts & your book. Thank you for the invitation.

  • Congratulations to you and Steve on your new book! I’m sorry I will be unable to attend the event but hope There will be another opportunity with the next book. Amazing what you and Steve have created with vision, love and hard work. My best, Jill

    Jill Dineen
  • Can’t make it -but Good Luck !

    Julie Harris

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